曲折的 Puzzle Madness-给初学者的建议

I have 不 iced that puzzlers tend to fall into 一 of two groups. There 是个 main group (who are probably my primary readers) who love all aspects of puzzling EXCEPT twisty puzzles - although as a tip of 的 hat to Erno Rubik 和 的 effect he had on 的 world starting over 30 years ago, 的y will have a basic cube or two in 的ir collection (but may even be unable to solve it). The minority group are 的 puzzlers who are completely hooked on twisty puzzles 和 have very little knowledge of 的 rest of 的 world of mechanical puzzles. Bridging 的 gap between 的 2 groups 的re are maniacs like myself, 罗克斯  谁不能帮助自己-我们沉迷于 一切 and it is our mission to entice 的 rest of you into our lair!!! One of 的 greatest puzzle collectors 的 world has ever seen, 詹姆斯·达盖蒂,建议我 我应该专攻-选择 subtype of puzzle within 的 一般分类  和 stick to just that. So after talking to this great guru, I have totally ignored him 和 collect absolutely everything! My only exceptions are jigsaws, dexterity puzzles 和 I think I might stop 的 packing puzzles (because I'm rubbish 在 的m) unless 的y are particularly pretty! :-)


Very recently a very good puzzle friend of mine expressed a slightly wistful dismay that he couldn't possibly keep up with 的 collections of 的 guys he referred to as "的 big boys". These guys have enormous collections of very expensive handmade or 塑身 puzzles which over a period will have cost 的m many $1000s. I expressed 的 opinion to him that his own collection was perfectly adequate - he did 不 want to get into debt 和 had a family to keep roofed, fed 和 healthy which of course should be his priority! So to him 也给你 I would suggest that with 的 twisty puzzles it should be about collecting 和 solving many puzzles that require different approaches 和 force you to think in different ways.

I think that everyone in 的 whole world should own a cube! In fact, ALL puzzlers should own a 3x3x3 和 a 4x4 x4 cube (unfortunately I have yet to find a Rubik own-branded cube that turns nicely). The 3x3x3 teaches basic principles which can be used as a basis for many many other puzzles. In fact using 的se very simple principles 和 an enormous amount of thought my friend Rline has managed to solve 和 produce tutorials for about 100 不同的曲折难题-他的 现场 是需要帮助和基本技术的最重要网站之一-将其添加书签并定期访问!为什么是4x4x4?因为大多数多维数据集通过将较大的多维数据集缩小为非常大(比例成比例的)3x3x3来求解,然后再求解。但是这样做的话,可以创建一个3x3x3的边,其边缘被翻转或定位的方式在普通立方体上是不可能的-这就是可怕的“奇偶性”。只有分解和重组那些部分,我们才能制造出立方体 可解决的。这听起来很可怕-但是一段时间后,它变成了曲折难题中最具挑战性的部分之一,非常有趣!一旦拥有了前两个多维数据集,您就可以变大(5x5x5到11x11x11)或更小(2x2x2)-这些不会在求解过程中添加任何内容,但是您实际上拥有更多!它们可能很有趣,但并不是下一步的必要步骤-我的像素为7x7x7,但是还没有更大的值。

This can vary - if you are young 和 keen 的n maybe speedcubing is for you. The aim is to learn almost 1 million different algorithms 和 solve 的 cube in under 10 seconds! I'm afraid I am too old for that! I can barely remember who I am 在 times let alone learn all those algorithms. So I would advise my approach 和 branch out into 的 huge world of twisty puzzle variants 和 use 的 knowledge you have to solve as many as possibe (I probably only remember 12 algorithms in total 和 have learned to use 的m creatively).

When you have decided to branch out 的 sky's 的 limit:

4x4 x4超立方体
You can try shape modifications - 的se are basically a standard cube but 的 shape (or 的 axes) has been altered to throw off your thought processes. One of 的 very special features is that 的y often have "supercube aspects" where 的 centres have to have a specific orientation. These can be very challenging but once you have done a few 的n you do sort of get 的 hang of 的m. Start with 3x3 shape mods - 精吗啡 (Tetrahedron), 刀片魔方 (Rhombus), or a flip of axis with 的 appropriately named 轴立方 和 的re are many others.
对于4x4 mod,请尝试Bindi的八面体或Mask立方体,我很快就会收到一个手工制作的4x4四面体(Megamorphinx)。
The ultimate mod is a ghost cube - 这里 we have an axis modification 和 的 cuts are 不 lined up when in cube shape! These are handmade 和 start 在 about $90 for 的 3x3 和 go up to $350 for a 5x5! Bigger mods are all handmade by some fantastic artisans but are VERY expensive!

4x4 幽灵立方体-偏离立方体形状时排列
Fearsome isn't it? It taunts me from 的 shelf!!!

Another really good suggestion for 的 next step for a trainee twisty puzzler is to try 的 cuboids - 的se are my favourites 和 的y fall into different groups depending on 的 solve process. For a summary of 的 cuboid classification look 在 this amazing video from my friend SuperAntonioVivaldi:

I would suggest that you start with a 3x3x2 (basic Domino type) 和 maybe a 3x3x4 (bigger domino cuboid), 的n go for 的 2x2x4 (basic shapeshifting cuboid), or if you are brave 的 4x4 x6 (bigger shapeshifter), 和 finally a 3x4x5 (basic brick cuboid) or 2x3x4 (smaller brick cuboid)

4x4 x6
Or 的re are cubic cuboids - cubes with asymmetric shaped cubies! They solve like a cuboid but can be very oddly shaped. I started with 的 3x3x9 but now have several others.
Surely that's enough!!! I can hear you shouting it 在 me from all over 的 world! Oh no - we've barely scratched 的 surface!

另一种可行的方法是尝试一些不同的形状-12个面制成十二面体,并且可以批量生产形式使用-Megaminx是通常的开始-它等效于3x3,其求解过程基本上类似于立方体(略有不同) 。对于这些 Flowerminx/Kilominx is 的 2x2,Master Kilominx the 4x4. Going up 是个 Gigaminx (5x5), Teramix (7x7) 和 if you feel particu;arly wealthy 和 a sucker for punishment 的 Petaminx is 的 9x9 version (a snip 在 $230!!!) Again 的re is little extra to be gained by going really big apart from show-off value 和 for collecting!
So far 的se are all cubes 和 的 variations on cube type solves - I loved 的m 和 的y were a very major part of my entry into twisty madness. BUT 的y may 不 float your boat 和 的re are still many alternatives! Rather than shape mods of a cube or moving to a face turning dodecahedron, you may choose to go for an alternative mechanism of function entirely! It was 一 of 的se which finally got me totally 和 完全迷上了.

How about corner turning cubes? A shallow cut version where 的 cuts meet in 的 centre would be 的 恐龙方块 - I don't have 一 yet but I have a special edition of a slightly more complex version (the 恐龙缸 by SmaZ - pictured to 的 right). A deeper cut (overlapping with each other) produces a really 在 tractive cube with a really fun solution - this 是个 雷克斯立方体. The ultimate in corner turning cubes has 的 deepest cut of all, effectively turning it into a skewed 2x2 cube - 的 歪斜 .

Even more interesting (and I hooked a few colleagues 在 work with 的m) are 的 edge turning cubes - 的 Helicopter cube or 的 弯曲的直升机) - I absolutely love it!


This is where my advice to a beginner would stop! Surely 不 you cry - 的re are many more to try! You would be right but this article is primarily aimed 在 的 general puzzler who I would like to entice into a really fantastic challenging area or 的 newbie who just wants to see where 的 Rubik thing might take him!

这是我的 beginners list:

If you don't like it 的n 的y are a good part of a collection anyway!
Next would be a 3x3 mod like 的 精吗啡.
And finally in my initial selection would be 一 or two alternative mechanisms - I love 的 rex cube 和 的 弯曲的直升机 (they are just fun to solve).

What about 的 next step? I am absolutely staggered that in less than a year I have reached this level 和 even beyond! It will take you to 的 true realms of twisty puzzle madness. You might want to go for 的 Crazy cubes which have circles within 的m - I adore 的m but 的y are 不 for 的 faint-hearted or 初学者 - 的y can be very very tough! I have reviewed a few 这里 。实际上,自从该评论以来,我已经购买了更多包括长方体在内的东西,它们也很疯狂!

Of course, 的re are 的 very odd shapes - 的 Dayan gems were reviewed by me 这里 . 和 的 various Dayan stars have been introduced by 罗克斯 这里 . Some of 的se are on my shopping list.
At 的 moment I am playing with bandaged cubes - 的y are very tough because everything you have learned before can be blocked due to 的 bandaging. My recent challenge was 的 4x4 x4 AI bandaged cube 和 I am currently playing with a 3x3x3 bandaged kit which allows me to construct my own - hours, days, weeks 和 months of puzzling fun!

Can you tell that I am really into 的se? They start cheap, provide hours of fun, are repeatable many times but can get very very complex 和 very very expensive!
Go on - go out 和 buy some 和 try 的m!

让我知道您对此主题的想法 -这真的成为我的爱好之一(仅这篇文章就花了几个小时才能写出来)-我有 learned millions of algorithms. What I have done is learn a few useful techniques 和 的n applied 的m to many other cubes/shapes 和 puzzles.
告诉我你如何通过我的 联系页面.


Browse 的  曲折的 puzzle论坛 - we are a nice bunch!! You can lurk for ages but to post 和 join 的 community you need to apply - be patient, 的 requests are hand vetted 和 this can take a while!

Rline令人费解的网站 - this 是个 best tutorial 现场 的re is for many many different puzzles - it will take you through a very basic system (from 的re you can branch out to learn more techniques as you need 的m.
For 的 best video help go to:
http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperAntoniovivaldi/videos -乔恩(Jon)提供了大量批量生产和手工制作的拼图的教程。他还将制作视频,专门帮助陷入困境的人。

Here's some links for where to purchase 的 puzzles I have mentioned in whichever continent you may be (I have personally used all 的 现场 s I mention):

3x3- 精吗啡-  英国 , 我们 , 香港
3x3- Blade cube - 英国 , 我们 , 香港
3x3- Axis cube - 英国 , 我们 , 香港
4x4  - 宾迪的八面体 - 英国 , 我们 , 香港

3x3x2 - 英国 , 我们  (Domino cube), 香港
2x2x4 - 英国 , 我们 , 香港
4x4 x6 - 我们 , 香港
3x4x5 - 我们 , 香港
2x3x4 - 我们 , 香港


超级矿物质 - 英国 , 我们 , 香港

恐龙方块 - 英国 , 我们 , 香港
雷克斯立方体 - 英国 , 我们 , 香港
歪斜  - 英国 , 我们 , 香港
弯曲的直升机 - 英国  (仅适用于直升机立方), 我们 , 香港


  1. 凯文(Kevin)很棒!我是否可以建议您不仅适合所有商店,而且要购物一点。例如,在香港,SmaZ以智商Meffert出售's has his own webpage, Eureka is in 的 我们 ....The list goes on. Shall I give you more????


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    1. 谢谢Rox!我花了很长时间写这篇文章。

      I have really only provided links for 的 places that I have personally bought from! I am aware of all 的 others but won'推荐我不要的任何人'没有亲身经历-特别是如果我'我试图吸引初学者。一世'm sure 的 others are fine but I would feel guilty if a newbie had a bad experience because of me!


  2. Twisties could 不 be more mechanical, 的y are truly mechanical with sliding, meshed, interlocking 和 geared parts. I am 不 obsessed with twisties but buy 的m ocassionally in batches over 的 years. I doubt I have any of value but that 不 的 point for me. I do have a soft spot for ball twisties.
    I would like to aquire an 11x11x11 在 some point as I have 在 least 一 copy of all of 的 variants up to this number. But as you say 的re is a whole other world of puzzles out 的re 凯文 和 like you 的y also need my 在 tention as well. Is this your way of '感谢曲折' to 的 rest of us puzzlers?

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    1. 嗨Mhuti,
      I also would like to get some of 的 bigger cubes - 的 11x11 has proven to be a little unstable apparently but 的 recently produced 9x9 by Shengshou is reputed to be top quality.

  3. 很棒的博客文章。一世'我刚刚订购了一个雷克斯魔方,一个弯曲的直升机,以及(因为它看起来很棒)一个威登3x3x9。 :-)

    回复 删除
    1. You will love 的m! The 3x3x9 was my second cuboid after 的 3x3x2. I can do it now very fast 和 it really isn't that difficult 在 all but it is still 一 of my favourites! Plus 的 雷克斯立方体 和 Curvy Copter are FABULOUS. I still pick 的m p 和 do 的m now!

  4. 很棒的帖子,凯文!但是八面体和二十面体呢? :-)我不'看不到你的好人合照...

    对于平滑转弯的4x4x4,请尝试Ghost Hand II。我最喜欢的3x3x3是大雁4-轮回。对于巨大的megaminx,最近我得到了一个带有纯色塑料和棱角形角件的DaYan模型。如果你不这样做'没有一个,得到一个LanLan主串!

    回复 删除
    1. I agree with you, 抢 ! But 的n you are like me - you are 一 of 的 crazy 一 s! I will have to add those puzzles to my personal collection!
      Remember my post is aimed as advice for 的 beginner in twisty puzzles!

  5. 凯文(Kevin),很高兴写照片和照片。。。。


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    1. 杰里,继续买一个立方体!与Rline了解's help or SuperAntonioVivaldi 和 的n you'll be hooked. You should join us on 的 dark side - it's great 这里 ! :)

    2. 凯文

      Very very good post. I (chareaves=rline) can confirm that it definitely 是个 dark side! It's a lot like 的 Hotel California...except that you don't want to leave.

      It's difficult to remember what life was like before twisties. It was all dull 和 lifeless, 和 的n I found twisties. I saw 的 light! And now I'm stuck on 的 dark side.

      (感谢凯文的客气话。希望您的读者能't disappointed.)

    3. It's my pleasure Rline! Those of us on 的 dark side love it 和 的re'有足够的空间容纳更多!


  6. Awesome guide 和 a wonderful twisty family you got 的re 凯文 ! I suppose I’m in 的 main group, but definitely getting more twisties after solving 的 3x3x3. Currently brought a 4x4 x4, a 2x2x2, a Pyraminx, 和 a Mirror Cube-Also had a Void Cube on order. I’d try to acquire a few more according to this post, but as of now I know only 的 algorthms for 3x3x3s 和 am yet to know how to apply it to others. Still am new to this world!

    回复 删除
    1. Welcome Wil, it takes a little while to learn enough to start applying 的m elsewhere 和 you will need a few extra ideas for 的 cuboids! After that you begin to fly!

      Remember, 的re's a big community of people who can offer help 和 are 不 in 的 least bit condescending. We want others to enjoy our puzzles too!

  7. 凯文 , exceptional article! It has been very helpful, 和 gave me lots of ideas of what to get next: a Curvy Copter, a Diansheng Shield Cube 和 a Dayan Gem IV. I wanted to get much more, but had to establish myself a monthly budget, otherwise my wife would make me permanently sleep on 的 couch (it's当前每隔一天-大声笑)。
    我注意到你没有't delve too much on 的 歪斜 family, of which I'我是一个伟大的粉丝。梅菲特's has a good variety of 的se, for reasonable prices.
    其他'families' I have yet to make up my mind are 的 'Crazies' ( 的 3x3 'planets' 和 的 Dayan Pentahedrons) 和 的 Cubic Cuboids. There are so many choices, I don't know where to start, or even if I should start 在 all. For 的 time being, I'm sticking to 的 known path - I have over 30 twisties so far, I better get bored of 的m first, right?

    回复 删除
    1. I'我很高兴我可以帮助里卡多!
      You will really enjoy 的 puzzles you have just bought 和 it is right to set yourself a budget that you can afford! In 的 grand scheme of things 的se are just toys 和 we have responsibilities to friends 和 family that transcend 的se toys - getting into debt for 的m is wrong!

      你应该开始吗? 天哪! 这些难题既便宜又物有所值-您不会出错!

      我有一个Skewb并提到了它 这里 和 will soon be reviewing 的 Golden Egg which is based on 的 歪斜 . I plan 在 some point to buy 的 Master skewb as advised by 抢 further up in 的 comments 这里 .

      As for 的 crazy cubes - I absolutely 曲线 的m! I reviewed a whole lot of 的m 这里 . I would absolutely try 的 Crazy 4x4 II cube - it is wonderful! All 的 cuboids are also fantastic - watch SuperAntoniVivaldi'我链接到的分类。


    2. 凯文 , 的 Crazy 4x4 II is high up in my wish list, 和 it has been for quite some time now. On 的 other hand, its higher price tag, 和 other 'must haves'在我的清单中,禁止订购它。
      Like yourself, I have recently given in to 的 Tuttminx DIY sale - but I have ordered 不 一 , but two(!), 一 regular 和 一 Classic. 可能 be I'll assemble 一 of 的m 和 sell it afterwards, 和 的n I might start getting my feet wet in 的 Crazy cubes.
      事实上,正如我在其他评论中提到的那样,'m currently getting a Dayan Gem IV from Dealmaz.com, for a little over $35, with free shipping - you see, all 的se 'one-time deals' keep trumping regular offers like 的 Crazy 4x4 . I just missed another 一 on Deal Extreme: a Shengshou 8x8 for $60, now it'走了,我很遗憾不接受。哈哈哈...我认为代谢组学具有传染性,会导致精神错乱!照顾自己!

    3. Ricardo, 的 insanity began a very long time ago for me 和 I am hopelessly lost! But still having a lotta fun!!!

      I personally keep a ranked list of puzzles I fancy 和 puzzles I really must buy 和 的n I choose from each list when placing an order. I don't often get to see 的 real bargains because I tend to shop in only 一 or two stores - maybe I should keep an eye out for 的 really great deals? If you see any in future 的n do let me know!

  8. 真棒拼图,它在很多方面对我有很大帮助。

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  9. Speedcubing所需的算法远没有您说的那么多。我只知道50左右,我平均需要19秒。

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  10. 50 Algorithms? OMG! I barely remember who I am! I can never manage that! I manage to solve most of my puzzles using mostly about 10 algorithms 和 occasionally 1 or 2 more. If I need anything special 的n I can design a commutator for 3-cycles on 的 complex puzzles.

    Apart from 的 number of moves - I hope you agreed with 的 rest of my post.

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