它是“ H”形毛刺吗?

改进的H毛刺又名H盒毛刺 拼图先生
大概一个月前 我看过了 one of Brian 您ng's 2012 限量版 the L burr! I started with that one because a friend had suggested that the way it interlocks 和 the rotations in it are very counterintuitive 和 difficult to find. I am also a sucker for contrasting woods so the L burr was the start of my journey 和 what a way to start!

现在,我要写一些关于旅程继续的信息-我一直在用这套节奏来做节奏,因为它们实在太多了,我真的 不想一劳永逸!我要尝试的下一个优点是改良的H毛刺,也可以称为H盒。

"您 don't collect boxes so you shouldn't 有 bought this one 和 therefore you 必须 把它给我!"
I 必须 tell you all that this is a burr 和 NOT a box 和 I feel I need to own just a few boxes so I can understand other puzzlers. I am happy to get the majority of my fix on boxes 在 the Midlands puzzle parties but there are one or two boxes that I just 拥有!只为“完整性”!

柳一淳 (who is now working full time with Brian) devised the original design in 1991 和 called it the H burr - the puzzle 和 it's solution can be found on 拼图将被播放. If you look 在 the picture there you will see that it is slightly different to my photo 和 you will also 不ice that it has 4 solutions. Now on the blurb that came with the puzzle it states that Brian had always wanted to make the H burr as a Limited Edition puzzle but when making a prototype he realised that the original had too many solutions 和 certainly some were fairly easy. Now of course we all know that Brian would never be happy with that!

But now he has Junichi held captive 在 his workshop 和 over the year before the LE puzzles were released, Brian 被迫 他重新设计,将其限制为仅一种解决方案。这个奇妙的壮举是由 addition of extra pieces. Brian made these extra fill-in pieces out of a deeply contrasting wood to make it all the more 在 tractive! The other effect of this was that it effectively converted a burr with a central cavity into a box - it's effectively a puzzle box that can be completely 拆解.

这是一个 巨大 puzzle - 140mm on each side, made from Queensland Silver Ash with Western Australian Jarrah inserts 和 weighing in 在 about 1.5Kg!!!

Picking this up you quickly 不ice (apart from the sheer size 和 weight of it) that a group of several bits all lift away as one piece 和 then this group of pieces can be taken apart. The remaining structure seems quite stable 和 the pieces of that can be taken off either individually or in small groups. In fact the disassembly is quite a simple thing - the disassembly is a level 3-1-1-1-2-2 - easy peasy!!! A little worried that I had wasted my money I rapidly spread the pieces around my kitchen work surface for the customary black granite-backed photo:

您 can see that there are 12 H shaped pieces all of which look remarkably similar but on closer examination it can be seen that the 不ches 和 cross-bars on them are all different. So having found the disassembly very easy it was time to put it back together - this part Brian claimed was much more interesting 和 he wasn't kidding!!

我已经整理好碎片,以便我可以 大致记住哪个组在理论上是什么地方,这仅仅是将它们像拼图一样排列在一起的一种情况。是的,对!即使我对去往哪里有一个大概的了解, an easy challenge. I started to sweat when I got it almost assembled 和 realised that the 不ches lined up correctly but the Jarrah inserts were arranged such that they would 不 fit! Oh boy! The first assembly took me about 2-3 hours of toil 和 that was despite knowing the rough positions! Thanks Brian 和 Junichi! you're a couple of evil geniuses!

The next time I dismantled it (I assume I'm 不 the only one who does these things again 和 again?) I just scraped up all the pieces 和 set to making a burrtools file (If anyone wants a copy then just contact me 这里 我可以寄给您一份副本)。与往常一样,我个人喜欢制作Burrtools文件,并认为直到我与Andreas出色的程序并制定出完整的模型之前,毛刺难题才得以彻底解决。整理好档案后,是时候放回原处了-当然,我完全弄混了所有内容!大约8个小时后,我放弃了,转而参考了我的文件!那是一个令人难以置信的难题!在接下来的一周我 disassembled and reassembled it several times 和 gradually got a feel for what goes where. But even now, I very much doubt I could solve it if someone seriously scrambled all the pieces up. As long as I can keep track of a crucial 2 or 3 of the pieces then I can eventually put it together.


Unfortunately, the present Mrs S decided that the shithole was out of control 和 I had better tidy it up. I was about to challenge her with the "or else you'll what?" that us boys can do when we are feeling particularly brave (or stupid) when I felt a flutter of fear 和 just meekly said "yes dear" 和 decided it was a chance for a reorganisation, to put my special puzzles in a place of honour 和 maybe also make a little space for some more acquisitions:

As you can see above the computer on the top shelf are my 5 限量版 - beautiful! If they drop on the computer then it will be a dead Mac but it's nearly 6 years old 和 on its last legs so I'll 有 an excuse for something shiny to replace it.


  1. 似乎很难在BurrTools中使用对角线切割进行建模。这些对解决方案不重要吗?

    1. 确实,它们至关重要,但是可以将对角线切割建模为一个步骤。

  2. 凯文
    那里's something wrong with your picture of the hole. 那里 are hardly any twisty puzzles there. What's going on??? I assume you photoshopped them out 和 added in some old bits of wood lying around?


    1. 好发现的Rline!
      I only 有 my bespoke 和 塑身 twisties on show due to lack of display space 和 an aversion to having too much plastic on show. My other 97 twisties are in the cupboard to the right of the camera. I still love them but unfortunately need to prioritise precious display space!

  3. 凯文真的很毛刺。但是我'm 不 above calling it a box just to entice those clients who say they only collect boxes, 和 不 burrs:) A bloke'毕竟要谋生。还是仅仅是营销?感谢您的精彩评论。除了毛刺/盒子问题,这确实是一个很难解决的难题。布莱恩

    1. Thank YOU, Brian for making 和 Junichi for designing such a wonderful puzzle.

      即使现在它也吓到我了!部分原因是解决起来非常困难,而且还因为如果它掉到了我的头上,那我会怀疑'd survive!

  4. This is what we call Japanese wooden puzzle box , which so hard to solve, They are great 和 its fun to solve them...